Paul Krugman: “A Country is Not a Company”


You can read the whole article by clicking on the link.  Honestly, the idea of a business is to collect as much wealth as is humanly possible.  A government’s job is to make sure that that wealth gets distributed across the population in such a way that markets, innovation, and incentive still exist.

Industry is something that has to be somehow protected (or, at the very least, not proactively shipped overseas by government policy).  Wages are what produces consumers, who then fuel employment of people, who then compose more consumers, etc.

Eventually, the markets will hit growth apexes and cease to grow at the marginal rate unless technological changes and innovation happens.  You can only have so many goods and services before you run out of space, time, and ability to enjoy it (not to mention the large amount of waste that gets produced by such systems, which then has to be dealt with somehow).

We’ve seen what happens when business people make economic policy.  We see them get fantastically wealthy while the rest of us get drained of jobs and wealth.  What is the point to listening to these people with non-skeptical ears and great efforts to verify their claims (since, after all, they have a tremendous incentive to lie and ignore social, ecological, health, and well-being questions for the sake of their personal gain)?  What is the point of consulting with the anti-social gurus of business when there is plenty of logic, history, and data to support the progressives’ claim that a social economy with reasoned government intervention, policy, and enforcement, is actually a good thing for the general public and the well-being of society as a whole?  The business people will likely consume themselves when given the chance to do so, and the politicians and the people will each and all pay for the environmental and social damage that is done for the sake of the business person’s personal financial profit.  That’s what Marx called those few centuries ago.  That’s the fault in the Capitalist system if it does not adopt a social logic and submit to natural law and public oversight through evidence-based government policy.

That’s the way things work in this universe and amongst this species.  Like it or lump it, it doesn’t matter how you feel about these things.  The effects will be had.  Sooner or later, something’s going to give in the system, and the whole thing is going to cave in on itself.

Silly people.

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