Engineering Policy

The greatest trouble that I see for Americans (and, indeed, any human society) is to not appreciate or understand the processes and limitations that are present when making and executing policy decisions in order to achieve fantastic things.

Do you honestly believe that the engineers and scientists who sent humans to the moon actually just “imagined’ that they could do it and did only what “felt” right?  No!  They worked their butts off to discover the natural laws and limitations that were needed in order to accomplish that objective (if it was going to be feasible anyway).  The social scientists have to work 10 times harder than the physical scientists because our subjects of study (people) are highly variable, highly influenced by the external world around them, highly influential over the external world around them, and will change behavior if they know what’s going on, and may not want to be studied in the first place (which creates a selection bias).  What on Earth or any other planet makes anyone in this country think they can “feel” their way towards a solution to a problem?  What makes anyone here think and feel that all opinions are equally valid when it comes to answering complex questions, such as “how to maximize the effectiveness of an economy?” and “what constitutes an effective economy in the first place?”  There are better and worse answers to these questions; ones that are more or less effective than others.

Therefore, policy makers are not really “free” to do whatever they want with the world, because there are distinct consequences to any action that they may take towards the other in the social-environmental complex.  There are distinct problems that have to be solved and a ton of unknown natural laws that have to be followed if we’re going to be a society of consequence anymore.  Our position is not guaranteed; we are not entitled to greatness just because some yutzes “feel” that this should be.  It takes work.  It takes combinations of specific policies and programs that change overtime to meet the needs of a changing society and environment.  At the root of it MUST be appropriate love, care, compassion, and concern for the other.  It MUST be tampered with wisdom and awareness of natural laws and limitations.  If you think and actually feel that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and work in the field of making policy, you’re more likely to crash and burn yourself and all those who are with you, just as the capricious and greedy dictators do and have done every single time they arise.

Is this what we want, America?  Is this actually how you feel?  Unwilling and unable to do the grunt work to make things actually happen, unwilling and unable to figure out what is, isn’t and how things actually work, rather than how you want them to work?  I, for one, would like to think that Americans are better than that.  But if this is how you honestly feel, then there is no point in my continuing to try to help you, as a society, a people, and a country.  You can either accept the work that is needed to make things happen and acknowledge the facts and hard, unpopular truths of the world, or you can keep dreaming and run right into that mountain that’s lurking in the cloud bank you’re living in.  It’s your “choice”.  Enjoy.

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