A Treatise on International Diplomacy

America’s high-tech P-8 surveillance jet, a modified Boeing 737, is part of its strategy of deploying more resources to Asia in response to China’s growing firepower and assertiveness.

Source: online.wsj.com

If China wants to play global hegemon, let them.  So long as we’re able to defend our homeland and make actual friendships with other countries, I don’t see the Chinese hegemon as being all that threatening.  The trouble comes when we continue to meddle in places where it isn’t our concern to meddle and insist on cultural conformity amongst the nations that not even we are 100% good at following.  The US has to be the weaker power to stand against the stronger Chinese power, allied by friends from across the world, in order to be successful in this, the dawning of the Chinese era.  Outdated colonial notions of force, coercion, and deception have to be abandoned if we’re going to be successful as a nation to counter the Chinese rise.  We have to make alliances with peoples, not just governments, form connections on the sub-state level, not just rely on illegitimate and dictatorial governments to do our dirty work.

In all honesty, I don’t think that the Americans will listen to what I’ve got to say or pay attention to their eroding influence in the world.  I think people will band against us instead of the Chinese if we continue to flex our power undemocratically and without care or concern for the general publics of the world.  You cannot fly by defying the natural laws of the universe.  You must follow and obey them, setting the example yourself, and being accepting of those who don’t.  It takes genuine compassion, concern, care, and love to make an empire that’s lasting, powerful, and able to weather storms as they arise.  I don’t think that the Chinese government will follow this logic or line of reasoning.  But, at the same time, I don’t see the United States’ government or people following this line of reasoning either.  That is our primary weakness, I think, relative to everyone else.

Our government members don’t seem to care about others in ways that are appropriate or functional.  We just want to perpetuate our own cultural template on top of everyone elses’ culture, history, logic, and ways of conducting business while not following that logic with our own people.

The politics of force is an inherently weaker form of systematic control than the politics of compassion, love, and appropriate care.  We lack the knowledge and awareness of nuanced dialogue and negotiation.  The difference between what I’m talking about is that we must first recognize what the other is genuinely working towards, and then deciding whether or not that is something that is on the whole, reasoned, reasonable, and achievable.  You don’t appease people like Adolph Hitler, because what his actual goals were, were unacceptable, unreasoned, and unreasonable.  But most leaders aren’t Adolph Hitler, no matter how we may portray or hallucinate about them.  Most leaders can be worked with and basically are wanting things that most reasoned, reasonable, and healthy people would be wanting as well.  When these people can’t be worked with, you can defer to their peoples’ wishes and wants and needs, which may be different and much more realistic than the leadership.  When in doubt, go with the people and not the leadership.  The public is the guide that determines the leadership.  You can upset a leadership in their home territory by deferring to the people and their peoples’ needs.

Such is how I view international diplomacy.  It is not the same as our present day methods, since we work exclusively with leaders and not with people.  We in the United States seek to impose rather than work in collaboration with.  We think that our way is the best and only way while neglecting that other people have their own ways which may actually be better for them than our ways.  If we do not change our methodology for operating diplomacy, we will lose allies and friends to the Chinese, and we will be the hegemon without a hegemony.  It is through our ability to ally and connect with peoples that we gain our true strength.  The military is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a real power dynamic amongst nations and people.  It is through the acceptance and acknowledgement of equality amongst the peoples of the planet and universe that we can gain the most, not through the assertion of military force.   And it’s a royal shame that we are so immature as a governing body or as a people to accept, acknowledge, and appreciate these facts about human life and, indeed, I think all sentient life in the universe.

To wrap up, you cannot build a successful airplane that flies by ignoring the natural laws and limitations of the universe.  You must, instead, follow, obey, and discover the natural laws that are present in the universe and leave your beliefs, opinions, and desires behind.  As it is with physical laws, so as it is with social and economic laws.  A shame that the American government and people are so tone deaf to these nuances.

Enjoy! 🙂

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