The Infrastructure of America is Crumbling

The infrastructure of this country is crumbling.  I’m not just talking about our physical infrastructure of bridges, roads, rails, ports, airports, electricity, Internet, water and sewage, etc (although these are also in disrepair as I am writing this).  I’m also talking about our social infrastructure; the glue that binds a nation together and keeps it strong in the face of adversity.  The legitimacy of the governments is in question; rule of law is slowly eroding, partially due to the inability or unwillingness of the governing people to follow and be cognizant of the natural laws that govern societies, partially because of the poor state that the public still is in in spite of the rosy stock market prices that Obama likes to point out (which no one is invested in anyway because they’re too expensive to afford for most people).  We’re arguing about things that are, in my view, more or less intuitive and self evident, namely, that we need to have wages go along with profits that are realized, that we need to have police, laws, law-makers, and administrators who respect and are aware of the tangible needs and wants of the public as they evolve and shift and the condition of the environment in which we’re living, that we need a government which is pro-active with its administration yet respectful enough to have a dialogue and follow what the public needs rather than what the officials believe ought to be done.  We have people in places of power, consequence, and authority who take their positions for granted, who inherited them rather than earning them, who are so warped in their abilities to work with reality that they can’t even tell which way is up while the deaf, dumb, and stupid sharks of business logic eat their entire food supply in one gulp while polluting the world in which they swim and live at the same time.  We live in a world where competition is king, but competition only yields those who are good at competition; which is not the same as being the best.

My prognosis of the United States is an empire in decline for no reason other than the stupidity and ignorance of its public and political people.  We are losing the respect of the international community; they see our internal problems while they are subjected to our over-extended ape-like military behavior abroad.  The board of popular legitimacy will most likely be reshuffled to China, so long as they maintain a healthy awareness of the limitations of power and the dependence that all hegemons have on the well-being of the smaller societies.  The Age of America has passed and the worst part about it is, is that Americans are more likely to go into denial about this rather than fix the causes that are creating the problems.  I have outlined repeatedly concrete steps that we, as a nation and a government, can take to remedy the situation.  None of them have been picked up upon by members of the American public, as evidenced by the election results, and none of them will likely be listened to by members of the American government who can actually do something with them.  My solution, therefore, is to seek another country to help, and to cut my losses with this one.  If I can protect one people from going under and set them on the path to being a thriving cultural, economic, scientific, and diplomatic power, I will be happy.  I will be even happier if my ideas spread even further than that, to influence the very foundations of human governing and diplomatic logic and, indeed, the governing and diplomatic logic of all sentient life in the cosmos.  But, that is so far in the future, and I am only able to definitively commit the present moment to spreading the message that I’ve got.

Therefore, I am always open to help America when and if its people get their acts together, on high and down below.  I know that the demand from the bottom is there for something different.  However, I don’t think it’s been articulated very well on the conscious level of the public, and the society will more than likely have to experiment with some crazy ideologies and ideologues before they get it back to being better.  Welcome to a new age.

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