Armistice Day 2014

Today marks the 96th anniversary of the cessation of gunfire across the fields of France and an end to one of the most pointless and devastating conflicts the world has ever seen to date. World War One was stupid. It was little more than an incompetantly handled elite game of diplomatic brinkmanship with more than 18 million people killed as a result of their inbred games of backstabbing and general scheming amongst nations for petty pride, riches, territory, and leverage. A generation of people were wiped out, or otherwise horribly mangled, physically and mentally because of government policy, produced by the noblese and a bumbling officer class who were incredibly slow on the uptake that this was a different kind of war with the need of different tactics and different ways of looking at things. The only heroes of this conflict who are  worth mentioning are the masses of men and women who were only doing what they thought was right with the information they were fed by their governments and inbred elite groups. No one truly won this war, I think. The costs were too high and the victory was milquetoast at best. To think that the people who ran our governments, who are still running our governments, wasted so many for something as pointless as World War One.

This is my annual remembrance of Armistice Day (as opposed to Veteran’s Day), in the hope that we, as a species, are never compelled to fight or are caught so unwilling and unable to change course, as we apparently were in the early 20th century CE. Far chance that that will likely ever happen, for one reason or another.

Silly people.

Rest in peace, ye who will no longer fight. And, say a prayer for those who are bound to serve here always.

Thank you.


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