(Hopefully) Parting Words for My Homeland and Countryfolk

We have a true perfect storm brewing in our nation’s finances. If we continue spending at the levels that we’re doing without raising taxes, we will not be able to afford to pay our interest rates, and the nation will effectively go bankrupt due to the amount of debt that we’ve piled on without having revenues to back it up. We can experiment, if the conservatives and Libertarians insist, with going back to the way things were before the costs of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and National Defense became such an integral part of our nation’s budget.  That would likely cause a period of mass death and poverty due to peoples’ inability to pay bills or receive money that they were counting on for living requirements.  Or we can simply raise taxes on those who can afford to pay it and remove their ability to vote, contribute to elections, and receive all other benefits of being a US citizen, plus tack on a substantial jail period for high income tax evaders, if they so choose to move out of country and not pay the taxes that they owe.  We could also raise wages in our society to beyond just living standard wages, such that people can afford to pay more taxes in from a broader base, or a combination of the two revenue raising methods.  But the path, I think, is clear.  We need to raise revenue for the Federal government and preserve spending on state and local government to keep our debts manageable or non-existent, depending upon the legal requirements that are present in the non-Federal entities.

Now, part of the Medicare bubble is because the population is getting older.  That will subside as time goes on and the Baby Boomers die off.  We also need to be investing in our infrastructure, such that we can still maintain economic, military, and social fitness within our home territory, plus create new levels of fitness to protect us against outside threats from manipulating, destroying, and affecting our infrastructure from within.  Who knows, we may even be able to invest a little into education, improving healthcare access, and ensuring environmental health on top of it all, at least once we settle the political questions surrounding taxes.  I know that somebody in this conflict is going to blink and I’m willing to bet that it will be the “Progressives”, who will one way or another, consign our future to the conservatives and Libertarians.  In fact, it may be in the Progressives interests to do just this, because it will ultimately could lead to the destruction and discretization of the conservative and Libertarian attitude, viewpoint, and brain state within the world of government.  Anarchy is all that Libertarians really have to offer, and conservatism is nothing more than the dictatorship of the wealthy elite.  Neither are things that the American public has seemed to truly want in the past and neither are things that I think we really value in the United States of America.

However, if we’re going to move past the stupid world of government by argument, opinion, belief, and ideology to realize government through science, evidence, and responsibility, we may very well have to go through a period of dark years, decades, centuries, or millennia, before we finally get our rears in gear to play catch up with the rest of the world (who will leave us behind and “play” with us in the meantime).  The choice is up to you to prevent this from happening, American citizens.  All of you, even you who are reading this right now.  But, I know that you’re not going to do anything about it until it is glaringly obvious that you’re not going to get what you all want by working for and supporting the Libertarian and conservative caucuses.  It’s truly a sad day when the people who can legally do the most amount of potential good for themselves won’t.  And you all will have no one to blame but yourselves, really.

Have fun governing, ye Tea Party, Libertarian, and conservative whackos.  I know you will fail in the long term because you will not comprehend or accept facts that stare you in the face from common reality.  Hell, I don’t even think you all believe in common reality to begin with, or acknowledge the supremacy of natural laws, as discovered by science, over your petty little rules, desires, hopes, tastes, and opinions.  Please enjoy this victory for it will likely be one of your last.  Enjoy!  And, best of luck.

I hereby cede the entire country of the United States over to the conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party members, and pseudo-Liberals.  Please, do with it as you’d like.


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