A Sad Fate for a Sad People

Consistency, or the lack thereof, is probably one of the greatest shortcomings of American political culture and American behavior in general. Our government says do one thing while meaning something completely different. “Be a democracy, but don’t choose those people we don’t like”, it’s ridiculous! Until our leadership cadre can actually stand for something, either by acting as a dictatorial power over the world, or by acknowledging people’s right to choose their leaderships and respecting those choices, we will always be at loggerheads with all sensible and relatively sane cultures and societies. We weep over the poor, the sick, the hungry, the repressed in other countries where we have no legal, moral, or practical reason to be involved, yet we ignore our people here at home whom we do have legal, moral, and practical abilities to help. We’ve got our international relations logic and ethic ass-backwards. Better to help your own people and then help other people when you can genuinely respect, appreciate, and accept them for who and what they are, rather than forcing them to be something or someone different.

The world has enough difficulty sorting through their own bullshit without us adding our often inaccurate and poorly conceived two-cents into their mix.  I’m constantly amazed by the callousness and dual-nature of the United States, the American government, and the American people at handling the world.  I think that we, as a nation, will eventually pay for our meddling and inappropriate and unwanted touching of other societies.  A sad fate, for a sad people.


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