How to Govern: Power Relations and Future Prospects for American Society

What do the American people consistently seem to want?

They seem to want fair pay for fair work, a clean, safe, and sustainable work environment, operational, effective, and functional schools, healthcare available for the general public, and to be safe in their homes from terrorists and other threats at home and abroad.

That’s what has to be provided first, in essence, through policy from the government, if you want people to continue playing the game. None of these things are possible without the intervention of and presence of the government to say “no” to the private interests who would destroy these things in the name of personal profit. Otherwise, people tune out, turn off, and get angry enough that they value what they’re fighting for more than their lives (because, let’s face it, without these things, they have no life anyway).

Yet what do the conservatives do, from both sides of the aisle? The Republicans try to play Clint Eastwood or John Wayne, when they’re really Major Frank Burns. The Democrats of today are nothing but a pedantic group of lawyers who know how to mitigate, yet do not know how to campaign or govern a country. They have abandoned the ethic that was established by Franklin and originally manifest in Teddy Roosevelt and, indeed, all of our truly great and effective statespeople who knew how to care for this society. The ethic is the seed, the science is what follows from it. Neither side of our political system seems to know, care, or work with the truth beyond what it can do to immediately put them into positions of power and consequence they do not know or care to know how to handle. They have forgotten that power in any human dynamic is a relationship that requires much care, long term preparation, planning, and well conceived execution in order to pull off. It is not “get me into office now”, which is little more than what boys do when they’re trying to get into some poor woman’s bed. It is a build up of trust. It is about admitting to mistakes and accepting the consequences of them. It’s about forgiveness as well, since none of us are going to be perfect at governing, even with the best data and best analytical methods we can muster (especially while we’re still learning about what does what and what is actually present in a constantly changing world).

If the Progressives were intelligent, they would let the conservatives take the entire country. They will not relent until they have taken, eaten, and destroyed everything that we actually hold dear in the name of that which they only think they need. Hell, they actually believe that money is a real thing that we need for survival! They’re willing to sacrifice our world, our planet, our home, for the sake of having larger piles of this worthless cloth rag or metal disks! They want power and positions which they cannot and will not handle well for their own sakes, relative to the people in our society, or to all other peoples living in the world. America would become even more of a pariah state than before; countries will go to China, Russia, Brazil, India, etc for aid, shelter, and assistance, not to the US. The United States would rot under their anti-environmental, anti-education, anti-citizen, corporatocracy, regardless of whether it is the Democratic Party or the Republican Party who governs. I say “disengage”, and let the American people learn on their own what it means to have a negligent, ineffective, or outright hostile and anti-social government (complete with negligent, ineffective, and outright hostile and anti-social government members).

Let the corporate barons win. They didn’t learn after the Franklin Roosevelt, they won’t learn until they’re dead or being locked up by the mob into mental institutions. There’s something seriously wrong with the people who are currently leading our society. And it all starts in their neurology, somewhere, somehow.

To all of you who didn’t vote or act in some way, shape, or form on Election Day: you deserve what you’re going to get. I wish I didn’t have to suffer with you all because of your mistakes. But, such is how things work, I guess. Enjoy!

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