Government: the Initiator

It is the government which initiates changes within itself first, in terms of attitude and chosen actions and perspectives. The society simply follows suit and responds to the changes in government. You can’t change society until you change your outlook, attitude, perspective, policies, and actions as a governor. You can’t cause an object to fly until you have an understanding, comprehension, and respect of nature, natural law, and physics. Even then, the flying machine must be designed and built just so in order to actually do anything useful. You must have a respect for nature, natural law, social and economic physics, and human dignity and well-being first in order to govern effectively. Then you must design your own policies and programs just so in order to get the desired effects in the society. Again, government initiates action, and society responds to it. This should create a feedback loop of information and action. When the society does well, the governing groups can do well. When society does poorly, the governing groups do poorly. Thus is how it’s likely always been with some variation across time, geography, and culture. Ignore these laws at your own peril.

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