The Cost-Effective Evolution

Believe it or not, I do not think that the current turbulence that is gripping America over police brutality and racism will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Change will only come in America with an organized, deliberate, and highly motivated crowd of people, not with just a bunch of citizens in the streets.  We have two options: we can either organize for votes and take a non-violent approach, or we can organize for war against the existing government.  Personally, I would recommend the former rather than the latter, mainly because I see the system as being ok, just really really really badly and incompetently operated by amateurs in power.  The other way would throw the baby out with the bath water, and leave us with the long and incredibly difficult and uncertain path of creating new institutions that no one is going to agree upon, resulting in civil war and conflict for an undefined period of time, with no guarantees that we’ll get anything good from it in the end after fighting, bloodshed, and war.

The beauty about this whole situation is that it can go down with no one losing their lives, no one losing their dignity and, conceivably, very very few people losing their jobs as a result of the transition towards a new LOGIC of government and a more accurately defined set of SELF-interests for the governing parties in question.  The United States has never really had a purpose defined for its government clearly, and quite honestly, there are a lot of people who, unfortunately, reach back at the past to inform their present rather than looking to the actual present and possible future implications of that present.  I propose that it is in the self-interests of the governing to maintain, preserve, work with, and adapt to the changing needs and wishes of the public itself outside of government.  It doesn’t matter what ideological bent you have, because all ideologies are irrelevant unless they are backed up by scientific facts and truths about our common reality, derived from the systematic and rigorous study of our common reality (not from the mandates or dictates of the researchers).  To ignore common reality or to not believe in common reality is to live in a fantasy world where you will not see or realize the walls that are around you and the consequences of your actions before it is too late.  To persistently ignore or not believe in common reality is to be mentally ill, as it poses a danger to yourself and a danger to others for you to be allowed into places of power, consequence, authority, and responsibility.  Things either are, aren’t, or are something different than what we think.  There are no four ways about it.  Period.

In short, we will not topple the system as it stands this time, I don’t think.  The most that will happen will be that a lot of people will get arrested, hurt, or killed in the confrontations between police and citizens until the municipal governments and municipal police authorities, in coordination with the state and federal governments intervenes on the side of the citizenry.  If the governments fail to deal with this problem, it will only deepen the mistrust and add credence to the notion that our political leaders are impotent, uncaring, incompetent, genuinely clueless, and/or genuinely unfit for power, consequence, and authority and only serve to justify and give credence to those who wish to violently overthrow the government, its members, and destroy the institutions which really could help rather than hurt us.  The TRUTH of the matter, is that governing institutions are only as good and effective as the people you staff them with.  Unfortunately, the American public has dropped the ball on picking good leadership cadres through poor voting choices or not voting for good ones.  The ideological differences that divide us are irrelevant, for there is only one common reality and only one set of complex, convoluted, and hidden truths to this universe that, eventually, boils down to change, and nothing else.  We should work to discover the truths of our society, our economy, and our ecosystems, such that we don’t do harm to ourselves through doing harm to these aspects of our universe and, perhaps, even discover how to do sustainable good for ourselves.  If you want to live and get rid of the ne’er-do-wells, get organized, start moving in the streets, and start voting and running for office separate from the PACs and super PACs.  Get reasoned and reasonable people who live in the real world to be in office; people who understand the limitations of knowing the real world and who actively search for those truths in order to actually help people. That’s called being apart of the solution.  To join with violence, to join with the Libertarian or conservative causes, to join with ideologues and vapid progressives; the people who are in the system itself now, is to be apart of the problem.  What are you going to do, Americans?  Be apart of the solution and change the mother-effing system with the tools that you all have, or remain incoherent and incompetent, or beholden to your abusers or go rouge against that which you actually need and benefit from as an individual?  It’s your choice, as it’s always been.  It wouldn’t have gotten this bad if you all had made better choices.

Silly country.  Silly people.

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