The Common Goal for Governments

When it comes to setting policy, the name of the game is competing values and priorities. I think that a) some values and priorities can be thrown out and barred through democratic processes for being unhealthy, unrealistic, and generally counterproductive to serving the well-being of the general public and the governing members and b) that the spirit that needs to pervade these deliberations needs to be one of cooperation, investigation, honesty with one’s own self and faults, and generally a sense of mutual responsibility toward a common goal. The different views should be moving towards the same self-interest of preserving the society and the well-being of the people who live in that society in a changing social, ecological, and technological world. Truth is the goal. Reputation, social relationships amongst each other and with the public, legitimacy, and authority are the currencies at stake. The game is set, as it always has been. Too bad we’re staffed with lousy players, in spite of their “success”.


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