Reflections on an Enlightened Society

The Signs of an Enlightened Society:

1. The leadership will voluntary stand aside or devolve their powers to others when it is actually realized that their power or their chosen uses of power prove to be practically or morally incorrect.

2. Any given leadership of any given society is primarily focused on the well-being of the general public, not on the well-being of themselves as a separate entity from the public.

3.The leadership uses the scientific method to understand and comprehend the society and their social, environmental, and ecological condition accurately and to make good policy choices for the social unit(s) based on that scientific inquiry in terms of economic, social, and environmental well-being.

4. The general public is legally and practically able and willing to naturally correct the actions of the governing members such that they get their needs and wants fulfilled by the governing members.

5. The government’s members will naturally and peaceably yield to the needs of the people while taking the opposite stance when the people want that which is unreasoned, unreasonable, unfeasible, or unhealthy in spite of losing power and authority to those who are less concerned with the well-being of the people.  It is from these moments of darkness that the general public can learn the benefits of having the specific leadership who governs on their empirical behalf.  Therefore, the Enlightened Society lets the sub-par leadership take over, and naturally resumes governing when it is shown that the sub-par leadership is sub-par.  If the new leadership is not sub-par, and is superior to the old leadership, then all gain in the society as a result of the presence of superior leadership in the society, including for the old leadership who still resides within that given society.  All benefit from superior leadership; none benefit from inferior leadership

The nature of an Enlightened Society is one of constant dialogue and feedback between the governed and the governing, with information being transmitted accurately and effectively to the appropriate nodes in order to maximize the well-being of the entire social unity (government included).  There is no such thing as a fully Enlightened Society, especially now at the present time, and the wealth and military power of a given society are not measures of the degree of Enlightenment that the society has achieved.

To hurt an Enlightened Society, or a society that is striving towards Enlightenment, or to harm those who are trying to get a society onto the Path of Enlightenment, is to harm one’s own self, because for every instance and degree of damage that is done to the aspiring society or people is yet another obstacle for them to overcome, thus limiting that society’s ability to help other society’s achieve Enlightenment.  The more crap you give the aspirant society or people, the more harm that is done to your own self.  Therefore, do not hinder or harm those who are traveling along the Enlightened Path towards realizing perpetual Realization and Enlightenment, for you will suffer if they fail on top of the increased likelihood that you’re going to do something unwise due to your already corrupted way of thinking, feeling, and perceiving the world.

For your own sake, do not hinder or limit those seeking Enlightenment or spiritual/ethical perfection.

Thank you.

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