A Brief Teaching on Power

To believe that power is about brute force and physical might is to misunderstand power and to deeply misunderstand human psychology, human needs, and human motivations.  it is true that you can get a lot of what you want with force for a short period of time.  However, it also is true that that method of gaining is typically short lived, superficial, and frankly inconsistent with human needs,and human wants.  Al Capone may have had a kind word and a gun.  However, it is the unarmed peasant from Nazareth who preached peace and kindness who holds more influence over the hearts and minds of people throughout the world than any other figure in the history of humanity.  The same can be said for Confucius, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, and all other enlightened beings who struck the right chord at the right time in the collective and individual psyche of humanity.

That’s what history has borne out, constantly and consistently, and across all cultures.  You cannot force a person to be who they aren’t or to do things against their wishes and perceived needs for very long or with much hope of preserving a long lasting relationship with them.  People need to buy into the power dynamic themselves; voluntarily accepting it and believing in it in order for it to really hold peoples’ attention for very long or very deeply.  The Authority has no authority when no one recognizes it as having it.  God is only God because we’ve identified that unifying concept as such; the government and its members only have governing authority because the society and the people who live in it are willing and/or able to accept it and its members decisions.  Take away that perception of authority, point out that the Emperor has no clothes, and the entire social system breaks down at society’s ultimate expense.

Therefore, those who receive power are dependent upon those who give power and vice versa.  It’s a relationship in which those who take power act and those who give power respond accordingly to their own patterns, preferences, choices, and actions.  The burden of action rests with those who take power.  They’re the ones who create the reality in which we all live through their actions, choices, perceptions, conceptions, and decisions.  The rest is just the echo of those actions, reverberating for better and worse, depending upon the intent, effectiveness, and correctness of those who receive power from others.  The people who govern create their own heavens and their own Hells through their actions, choices, perceptions, conceptions, and decisions; something that is highly neglected in American society and in American culture.  Receiving power is not an end game.  Rather, it is only the beginning of a long, arduous, complicated, and messy process, especially if it is not handled well by those who have sought to have it.

In conclusion, brute force will only get you part of the way, perhaps none of the way, to achieving the ultimate goal of everlasting power.  The only way to ensure perpetual acceptance of governance or you as the one with the technical power is through sound knowledge and comprehension of the system(s) with which you are working, sincere benevolence actually effective care directed at the other, not your own self, and a willingness to adapt to mistakes and changes in need.  Otherwise, society will be lost, and the world will descend into chaos and anarchy we haven’t experienced yet.  Only those who have never experienced anarchy or a deficit of governmental presence really want those things.  A shame that those who are in power don’t get the concept of honest, open, effective, and actually benevolent governance for their own sakes.

Have pity on the American society, for they do not know what they’re actually doing to themselves and to others.  Silly people.

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