The Essence of Positive Government and Governing

The essence of the correct ways to govern is to 1) always be flexible and open to the real conditions that are present in spite of how uncomfortable, upsetting, or unlikely they may be and 2) to always be willing and able to do what is actually in the best interests of everyone, even if you personally may take a hit for it.  Specifics of policy choices are all negotiable to a point where there are some things that are objectively less healthy and some things that are objectively more healthy.  The goal of a policy researcher is to identify the condition and proper response to any given situation that may arise within the context of the social, economic, environmental, political, and technological system of systems.  Changing how we look and analyze a given situation will change the outcomes that are achieved.  The ends justify the means, however, the means affect which ends are actually achieved.  Always focus on the means relative to the situation, and be sure that the ends that you’re trying to achieve are actually healthful, beneficial, and worth fighting for.

Our neurology hasn’t yet evolved to the point where we can actually say that we can manage or comprehend the full complex of the system of systems.  There are many people out there who honestly have malfunctioning neurons; people who don’t know, don’t care to know, and refuse to know that which is actually in their personal interests relative to the system of systems.  Some of these people have managed to reach incredibly influential positions in our societies, which then degrades the overall quality of the networks for everyone, including themselves.  The fact that the rest of the social system is not fighting back en masse to remove these pathological personalities and other countries and in the United States is symptomatic of a much deeper lethargy at work that could lead to the undoing of anything and everything that we value and cherish and need for surviving, while not eliminating the root causes of what’s behind our current lethargy and social domination by pathologically sick people. These folks have prioritized what is significant for their survival poorly and who use destructive means to achieve their unsustainable and unreasoned ends.  Therefore, they should be treated as the mentally ill and removed from office by force if necessary to receive treatment that they are in apparent need of.  We are moving to a tipping point in American society and, therefore, the world’s society.  I doubt that the American people will rise to the occasion to institute more enlightened government and put people who are frankly just better at actually governing into office.


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