Many in Emerging and Developing Nations Disconnected from Politics

Most vote in elections, but few engage in other kinds of political participation or think those forms are effective. Publics overwhelmingly say that government officials do not care what they think.


This is, I think, a hallmark of societies without history of democratic governance as we know it in the West.  The logic isn’t there amongst the public and the people just go about their lives, regardless of which among them is presently in charge, for better or for worse.  The problem with these systems and logic is that the society in question languishes for long periods of time, punctuated by periods of rebellion, overthrow, and general chaos when peoples’ tipping point gets reached.  It is safer and far less expensive in the long run, I think, to simply do a good job managing and working with your people than it is to go through periods of chaos, anarchy, and no government.  The trouble is, is that humans psychologically will more likely take lull periods for granted and slip back into their lowest common complacent mannerisms.  As people’s interests in the problems fade, so too will the leadership’s, regardless of how actually serious and pressing it is for the given society.  Such is the sad state of humanity in our current chimpish form.

Bearing in mind though, that it’s not like we’re too much better here in the US.  Our people don’t vote usually, especially not in smaller state and local elections where they can have an impact on how they live and what gets done in their localities.  Therefore, can it truly be said that we’re “better” than those who are in the “developing” world?  What really makes “us” so different from “them”, other than we parade ourselves like we’re the best of the best without having any real justification for those claims?

Silly people…..

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