The Shifting Yet Always Present Walls in Existence

The only thing that businesspeople seem to be good at is grubbing for money.  They don’t seem to really get or truly relate to what people need biologically, socially, and ecologically and many certainly appear to not get how to relate to others effectively in power relationships beyond simplistic force and coerced submission.  All they seem to think about is where the next big windfall is coming from, not unlike the animals who walk amongst us.  The only difference is that the animals crave that which they need to survive.  Businesspeople only crave the shadow of that which they need to survive.

Furthermore, competition in business yields only the best competitors in business, not necessarily the best leaders for a given society and time period.  In order to truly get at who is the genuinely most effective leaders for a society, the parameters of competition and the outcome that is expected to be achieved needs to be carefully defined and constantly updated to match with the whole condition of society.  What worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow, just as the clothing that is worn in one season will not be comfortable in another.  There may be only a finite amount of possibilities in this universe for us to handle.  But any one of those finite situations can come into existence given the right conditions, and every one of them may be something we have never encountered before entirely.  All of these things are glossed over by the elite business community in the name of brutish competition over that which they don’t really need for well-being and survival.

Thus is the inferiority of the business and investor classes.  At heart, they truly only seem concerned with exploiting demand in the market.  While that may be all well and good for developing technology and innovation, it lacks the care, effectiveness, responsiveness, and attentiveness to that which is needed for the preservation of the root of society they derive profit from within the context of the universe in which we all have to live in.  To say otherwise is to branch off into a mental universe of one’s own creation, not unlike the symptoms of those with schizophrenia and other neurological problems.  There is only one universe.  That’s it.  No arguments can really be leveled against the grand, complicated, and complex truth of this universe (which no human ever has or ever will grasp entirely).  We might as well accept this fact, acknowledge it, and learn about that which we can learn about for our own survival and ability to thrive.  Adjustments have to be made sometimes in order to make our lives happier, healthier, and more sustainable.  This is the general way of the universe, backed up by history and the cosmos itself.  Break it?  Can’t.  Not really.  Prove it wrong with abstract arguments?  You’ll only make a fool out of yourself, and potentially a dead one at that.  The walls are there.  Might as well learn them than just branch off where-ever and whenever we’d like.

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