The Evolutionary Division Bell

Conservatives are nothing really more than the lesser evolved members of our species. Angrier, culturally chauvinistic, more attentive to satisfying their base urges (in spite of denying and attempting badly to suppress them), less able to grasp complexity and ambiguity, and more delusional to boot. It seems to be universal across the species throughout cultures, times, and geographic spaces, and it’s all thanks to their brains, nothing more, and nothing less.

Why are we continuing to listen to these people? I’m not even sure they’d count as being fully human, considering their mental states and brain functions. To me, being a human being is more than just the physical traits and our baseline mental and emotional capacities. To me, being human is also about the higher level content and outpourings from the brain into the larger world around us. A money-grubbing corporate executive or investor may be human in every other way, were it not for the constant grubbing for cash behavior that they exhibit. Likewise, a brutish conservative may have some aspects of a physical human, except for those parts which we don’t see except as the emergent behavior from their physical brains. I think we are at a cross-roads in our species, where we will, eventually, break off from each other due to our incompatibility to work together as a common society of progressives and conservatives. I think there will continue to be much blending and much gray area (such is how evolution works until the differences branch off from one another). Indeed, if the universe is as I suspect it might be, we could be headed for a division of consciousness itself within our universe, where those who have more progressive brains will move on from this current state onto another while those with more conservative brains will stay back and degrade until they compose the whole and, eventually, dwindle and die off due to their inability and unwillingness to adapt, work with new knowledge, and accept and work with those who are superficially different from themselves.

Remember folks, the conservatives are the ones who still, literally, think that trickle down economics (or some form thereof) actually is a viable method for organizing a society and an economy, that the environment isn’t something we need to be concerned about, and that brutish war is the only solution to our problems throughout the larger world. They neglect the role and need of government, live in delusional worlds of their own creation that have no basis in reality, and then lash out at others for calling them out about it. In light of all these facts (and they are, undeniably, facts), what is the point of listening to them? What is the point of making sure that they stay alive in spite of themselves and their actions? Why should we accept them as the burdens that they are on society at large and, more importantly, on the individual living, working, and dying in society?

Just a thought. I’m not sure about what to do about them either except label them as dangers to themselves and dangers to others. Even then, the most we could practically do to help them would be to leave them alone and let them isolate and die off on their own until they actually come to terms with how poorly their brains are actually functioning relative to common reality for their own sake and benefit, if they do. It would be ethical for us to help them with psychiatric care. But, there is the practical problem of trying to corral those who have overly armed themselves. Therefore, just don’t listen to them or vote for their candidates.

The world’s society suffers while conservatives are present and active within it. They are little more than the lice which, apparently, we must meditate and live with until they die off, if they die off on this plane of existence. My only wish is that they go to places that are more beneficial and appropriate for their mentalities until they are ready to rejoin the human species as actual humans, not as brutish chimp-people. The division bell is ringing in the universe. We will go to wherever we lead ourselves through our actions and choices. Just practice kindness and wisdom and you will be ok. Otherwise, enjoy your time here, and please stop hurting yourself.

That is all.

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