The Great Split of Consciousness

I hypothesize that the universe is about to go through another split, just as it may have done when the physical universe was born.  This time, it may be consciousness that will split on this plane of existence and form into two or more universes.  Those who are grounded in reality, who are more compassionate, caring, kind, benevolent, and wise will more likely move in one direction while those who are not really these things will move in another, with room for possibly other branches of the cosmological tree of consciousness to branch off as well.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the “last one standing” in this present universe because consciousness, I think, is something that transcends physical death and decay.  What does matter is the content of your mind now; the workings, preferences, beliefs, and actions, that will either lead you to becoming more human or move you away to a different form of life elsewhere in the universe for the time being.  It is possible to make choices within the bounds of your biological and circumstantial limitations.  However, those choices are dependent upon countless past choices, preferences, desires, actions, etc.  So, while you have a choice and a possibility to make choices other than what you’ve made in the past, it still is limited by habituation, circumstance, and condition.

I think that the universe is convulsing with something at this moment.  And, I think, all that really matters is what you do with the present situation and the present condition that will either ensure that you move on, clarify, advance, and continue on, or, move on to another universe and mental state that will make it harder for you to practice.  You have the power, now, to make or break yourself.  However, you are limited by all of your past actions, past habits, and present circumstances that you come into touch with through your past actions.  Therefore, be kind to yourself, and make that better decision today.  If that’s not a good enough reason, then do it for all the people you care about in this lifetime.  If that isn’t good enough, do it for all living beings and all of the universe ad infinitum and beyond (which is, ironically, just yourself to begin with).

Enjoy the split.

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