The Idiot Nation

The societies with what are generally considered weak or small governments are frequently the ones who are most prone to civil strife, anarchy, and economic dysfunction.  Without having a legitimate order and authority base within a society the economy can’t grow, as people are risk averse to leave their homes or enter into unenforceable contracts.  There is also the concerns of the society’s health itself and the environment in which the economy and society have to exist.  Neither one of these things are addressed well by the market.

Therefore, a society needs a legitimate authority that’s strong enough to overcome the private individuals who would destroy it for the sake of their own personal profit yet willing and weak enough to be held accountable by the general public for its actions.  Governments only rest within societies, they never are the societies themselves.  The United States has several governments that are based in poor logic, ethic, and practices of government with people in their society who want an excessively weak government that is unable to stand against absolute private interests that will destroy and consume the society piecemeal in the name of personal profit and individual ego.  All of this is backed by socially unacceptable forms of force and coercion by our nation’s local and state police forces.  This all has to be corrected correctly if we’re going to make it as a nation into the next century, let alone, into infinity and beyond.  We’re going to be a has been power, torn apart by civil war and strife, if we don’t do something significant to correct for those who see only the coercive “power” of government.  The government isn’t right.  The people aren’t right.  And we’re all going to pay for our inability and unwillingness to acknowledge fact, truth, and what’s constantly demonstrated through history, science, and personal experience.


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