Darkness to Light

Take the universe in your arms, neither being above nor below it in stature.  To be in power is to enter into a perpetual and equal dialogue with those whom you are having power over.  To wield power is to do so only with the others’ needs and interests at heart, for that is the only way that you receive and maintain power in a society of human beings.

You can only dominate those who will be dominated in the ways that they are willing to be dominated.  Force, fear, deception, and all other negative actions of power will not last forever, and will more likely be permanently removed from power once people get a taste of truly effective and benevolent government.

We are a world that only knows the dark.  We have people who do not know how to use and do not care to know how to use the power that is within their grasp.  We then mistakenly believe that all power is negative; that all hierarchy is a negative thing, that it is impossible to have a good, well managed, and effective state that governs and works with the general public on their behalf.  Only then can the interests of the powerful be truly sustainably and reliably achieved.  To do otherwise is to put the cart before the horse and to risk death at the hands of those whose needs and wishes you perceived incorrectly.

We can actually come out of this darkness to realize something better for us all, if you’d be willing to permit it to happen.  We cannot get bogged down in talk of political parties, ideology, or personal interests ahead of what is actually needed for the society, as determined and expressed by the society.  We can do so much better than has been done in the past, if the past would only have a little self-respect and decency toward itself.  Our governments can do better, both within and amongst themselves in the national context and the international context.  If only our past wouldn’t hold us back.

Silly demons.

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