The Oath

I am only human.  Regardless of what I think I am now or what I may have been in a previous life, or what I may be in a future life, I am only human.  Without this comprehension and acceptance on my part, I will be nothing more than a delusional infant, grasping at grandeur and receiving only shame and scorn in return.  I cannot pledge to be perfect.  I cannot pledge to do all, know all, practice all things perfectly, or even be a success in this lifetime.  But what I can pledge is that I will always attempt to do my best by other people; to work hard in order to provide that which is needed at the appropriate time in the appropriate place, in the appropriate way.  I can pledge that I will always stop to listen to and for the needs of the people I interact with and balance them against the interests of the common whole that is humanity and the environment in which we live.  I can pledge that I will always be there to love, protect, serve, and, if necessary and possible, to save humanity from itself and to bring about written laws in accordance with natural law, the conditions that are present, and the effects that will likely be realized from following one course of action or preference over another.  I will pledge to work hard to learn what is needed, how things actually work, and how to satisfy those needs as best as I can with what I’m able to perceive.  I am only human and will only be able to do what I am able to do.  With these words I seal my fate as an administrator and a person to the fate of the human societ(ies) in which I’m working, for which I’m working.  I testify that there are no valid laws other than the natural laws of cause, effect, and condition which matter.  All other opinions, beliefs, written laws, and senses of authority are merely capricious in nature and are simply the babblings of ego that will dissipate in the universe as the universe and species evolves, grows, and becomes more self-aware.  With all my lives, past, present, and future, I make this pledge onto you, the individual beings of the universe to do my best.  Take it for what you will.

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