Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory – YouTube

In a challenge to conventional views on modern monetary and fiscal policy, Professor Bill Mitchell of Newcastle University in Australia has emerged as one of…


At the root of true conservative government, there is a malfeasance towards the larger social and environmental world that is toxic to both the collective and to the individual who is experiencing the malfeasance.  There are the ideologues, for sure, who genuinely believe that what they’re doing is actually a positive thing for everyone.  But then there are those who are just so overwhelming wrapped up in their own bs that they either don’t see or won’t see the costs that come from destroying the social or environmental systems.

In short, true conservatives are just plain mean, and ideological conservatives are just plain misguided.  We see it time and time again in the social, environmental, and economic science and we see it time and time again in our governments and politics.  There are fundamental, immutable truths out there that apply to economies, societies, and human well-being within the context of the social and environmental worlds.  We may not know all of the truths or how to use them to our advantages all of the time.  There could be unforeseen consequences that then require tinkering with the system in order to adapt it to the new knowledge and/or the new knowledge that is present.  But you must pay attention to natural law and to the changes that happen within the circumstances and conditions that we find ourselves.  This is precisely what is not being done by many policymakers, academics, administrators, and voters.  We cannot afford to keep on the current system that doesn’t even provide for the small self in absolute or in the long term.  Conservatives and ideologues must be removed from office or they must change their behavior, attitudes, and patterns of perspective.  Otherwise, I think they belong in mental institutions where they can be treated.  It is that simple.  Trust the peanut gallery in society and government to make it more complicated than it already is.

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