Governing In The Long Term

In the long term, the universe favors the honest, the compassionate, the sensed, and the grounded in reality.  In the human world, all power relationships depend on these things from both those who have power and those who do not.  Two-way communication is key, and finding the middle ground amongst interests is key to figuring out where the optimal solution is going to lie.  There are optimal solutions and there are many more sub-optimal or dysfunctional solutions to our societal problems.  Not all opinions are equal.  Not all people are really good at registering their self-interest in the grand context of society and the universe. And, just because you’re good at getting money does not mean that you’re actually sensible, sensed, compassionate, honest, or able to handle anything bigger than your own personal self.  Without these positive traits in the leadership cadre of human societies, human society as a whole is going to be lost.  We need a professional governing cadre.  We need people who are educated formally or informally in the ways of life and society to govern.

We cannot abide crackpots and reality TV personalities to actually operate our domestic and international states of affairs.  Yet this is who we have as governors of our American society at the very least.  This is who governs our world from both sides of the official aisle.  These are the people who are mean-spirited, who are so wrapped up in delusion that they don’t know or care to know what is real and what isn’t.  These are the people we’ve elected to office.  And American society will pay the price for its stupidity and gullibility in choosing elected officials.

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