Everybody Governs

All societies may not have formal governing structures. Those that don’t still do not live in complete anarchy, as they are frequently bound together by very powerful social customs, taboos, and moral codes that the members of society go to great ends to enforce.  It should also be noted that those societies without governing structures are frequently very small in comparison to our present day societies (the units of these societies may have at most between 80 to 120 people in them) and survive in environments where nature provides their needs without the need for agriculture or anything more advanced than the bow or harpoon.  If you’d truly like to live in a functional society without a government, I would recommend moving to Namibia and Botswana to live with the San people of the Kalahari, or the various Inuit tribes in the arctic.  But bear in mind, you will not be at liberty to do as you’d please, nor will you have access to modern technology, nor the ability to develop technology at a faster pace than the resources that you have or the people’s willingness to adopt the technology.

If you really believe that a society is better off without a government then please go and move to these places where they already have things established.  The other option is for you to strike out on your own and produce a new society of your own.  But, I warn you, you’ll take the baggage of the past society and your own self with you.  You will not be, as it were, at liberty to do anything beyond what you were able to do at present, and it will be doubtful as to whether or not you will survive in such a state of nature where you are more acutely beholden to nature’s law as opposed to the written laws of our given social units.

So, to my Libertarian friends, I will agree with you that a better functional and more ethical government is better than one that’s not.  I will argue that it is in the government’s interest, at least in the United States, to abide by the people’s needs and to be careful and circumspect about when and how it intervenes in the society to address societal problems.  I will also point out that this does not mean that I think a government should sit idly by while its people are being exploited under the pretense of an idealized market that does not exist and will not function properly were it not for the income and wealth of all people living in it.  A rising tide rises all boats only when the benefits are proportionately spread throughout the economy and the society.  That means that when a bosses feel they are able to take $5 million in bonuses for themselves, they should, by law, be required to share out those profits to the people who put in the day to day blood, sweat, toil, and labor to produce that $5 million in cream.  That means that when companies go under, it is the base of society that should be reinforced while the superstructure gets re-done, because without that base, there cannot be a superstructure, let alone, a better handled, and better governed one at that.

To the people who are conservatives, I will agree with you in principle that there should be concepts and principles that ground us.  However, I will never agree with your apparent belief and desire for an unchanging universe that is petrified in time and ultimately stagnant and devoid of the original life force that made it move.  News flash: you are going to die.  All of your friends and family members are going to die.  Your entire world is going to die, especially if it no longer serves a helpful or useful purpose relative to our ever evolving knowledge and conception of common reality.  I say to you all that you are truly the most foolish of individuals, who are both standing in opposition to the principles and values that make any society thrive and be great, and that it is your specific actions that cause societies to crumble artificially as opposed to the natural flow of births, deaths, and rebirths.  It is your work that causes societies to retard and decay and it is your failure to accept death that causes you and yours to die prematurely and in the worst possible ways, as opposed to quietly moving on to a peaceable rebirth in another time and, possibly, in another place.  I have nothing but pity for your poor selves, and I hope that we out evolve your nonsense.  I wish you and yours nothing but love and death (yes, those two can go together), such that you and yours pass on to a world that is more conducive for your enlightenment and education.

Therefore, everyone governs in some way, and those that lack formal governing structures are not going to be growing much or doing much, and can be more repressive collectively than a highly centralized and authoritarian state. It’s perfectly natural, perfectly normal, and much better than living in a state of anarchy or on small scales with collectively enforced codes of ethic.  As a matter of fact, the governments of our world can do phenomenal things for us, if their members would only recognize the benefits for themselves in doing those things effectively and often.

That is all.  Thanks for reading!

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