What Would You Suggest?

What good is growth if it does not sustain?

If it leaves the masses huddled in poverty, scrounging for the scraps of the rich people’s table?

What good is growth if it weakens the nation, divides us, and leaves us open for foreign occupation and international humiliation?

We’ve gotten our priorities so screwed up in this world of ours.  Our leaders and future leaders don’t even know what it’s like to live on the edge of survival; have so lost touch with their own humanity and their own sense of direction as living organisms that they literally cannot tell which side of the bread is actually buttered for them as humans.

Confucius said (to paraphrase) that when the roots are neglected, the tree the grows from it cannot ever be healthy.  The governments and the people who sit behind our governments, have created a system where only the topmost branches are prioritized and the roots of the society from which they spring are neglected.  The higher they build in this case, the farther they will fall, and the more we will all pay for their impropriety, poor conduct, and poor choices.

Let me be blunt: there are correct and incorrect choices to make, especially when you’re making choices that are experienced by other people living in the society.  There are choices that serve you well and choices that serve you poorly; you are NEVER free from consequence.  The more the elite and those who are too stupid to realize their real position in society push for height without the base, the more likely they are going to fall and the harder that they will fall in the long term (which becomes, incidentally, the short term all too soon).

I honestly don’t know what I am doing here in this world so poorly constructed and guided.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the insights that I have and I don’t know how to convince other people that we’re working on bought time.  I don’t know what to do to get people to make the small (emphasis on small) changes that need to be made now to prevent the collapse of the very world that I need to make my living in as well.  What would you suggest that I do in addition to what I’ve already done?


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