Regarding Ukraine

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that all nations and all national “leaders” have been behaving extremely childishly and foolishly vis a vis the ongoing war in Ukraine.  The West does not recognize Russia’s need for a buffer and seaport, and Russia does not recognize that it is antagonizing an already tense situation further by proactively aiding rebel forces in the east.  I said this a long time ago: the West, for our part, should have advocated for dialogue amongst Russian-Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Ukrainians in order to quell the ultra-nationalists in Ukraine and cooperate with the Russian-Ukrainians on what are mutual problems of economy.  The EU should not be trying to take on another broken economy in its present state and NATO should remain on the other side of the Ukrainian border, regardless of who is governing in Ukraine, as a gesture of good faith to the Russians that comes at NO cost to ourselves over here.  The only people who have been destabilizing global security are the people who were chosen for us to be elected by us in the West and Mr. Vladimir Putin.  I do not know how to put the situation in any other way and I defy anyone to say that this should not be taken as a marginalist, zero-sum game where everybody has to lose.  In the end, the Ukrainians from all walks of life need to acknowledge that Ukraine cannot be repaired from its present state without Russian and EU assistance.  Therefore, wouldn’t it seem logical to do a concert of both working together towards a common goal that all three can benefit from rather than participating in this war that is costing everybody everything?  Ukraine: you can’t live on national pride.  Russia: you need to be more circumspect with what’s of value to you.  And, America and EU nations: never have I ever seen a more brazen and destructive attempt for marginal gains that are strategically unnecessary for us than I have seen here.  Your actions are not only incompetent, but also downright dangerous, aggressive, and hypocritical to what you allegedly stand for as democracies and as sensible strategic leaders of your peoples.

At present I have no reason to want to work for these leaders of the West and every reason to want to see them removed from office by the democratic will and force of the general public they claim to represent.  Only inconsequential people have liberty and only inconsequential people can and should be allowed to live away from truth, reality, and the substance of human existence.  What we’ve got instead are a collection of reality TV wannabes who think that the substance of the universe is negotiable and that they are at liberty to do what they’d like when they’d like just because they won the lowest rated popularity contest in their country (seriously, American Idol polls higher than a US General Election, even when the Presidency is on the line).  What good is maintaining the pretense of “democracy” when the democratic will of the people is not to maintain democracy in substance?

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