The Four Pillars of Our Present Society

By targeting the executives and leadership cadres of the energy, finance, public, and media sectors at all levels, we can institute real solid changes to our world for better or worse.  These four, I believe, represent the main axiomatic core of our American society’s power structure and, indeed, the world’s power structure.

Specifically, what we need is clean, renewable, inexpensive, and effective energy, socially and environmentally conscious finance and investment, socially oriented and cooperative/collaborative government, and media platforms to shut down the ignorant, delusional, and malevolent.  By making small changes in each of these sectors in terms of logic, perceived interest, and chosen courses of action, we can truly revolutionize the world.

The ultimate battlefield is in the hearts and minds (specifically, the brains) of each individual living person in human society, to go either towards either progressivism, adaptability, and grounding in reality, or conservatism, ideology, and delusion.  Once these four pillars have been converted to what are scientifically ensured methods of survival and well-being, the rest of society can fall into place.  The main challenge will be from those persisting in darkness and confusion but, with these evolutionary changes in these places, they should prove to be just an unpopular nuisance.  If done correctly, these radical right wing and Libertarian elements will self-isolate, alienate the rest of human society, and ultimately consume themselves in a maelstrom of self-destruction, possibly aided and abetted by the new power elements in society.  They’ll make themselves irrelevant and invite people to ask for them to be possibly put to death for their agitation and violence.

We have the game.  The game is either going to be won or end entirely.  No more middling.

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