The World’s Constitutions to Read, Search, and Compare


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While I believe that the only constitution that truly matters is the one that gives rise to natural laws, it is interesting to look at how each society and given political unit (which does not naturally correspond to a society necessarily) determines what is right for them in their particular situation and cultural condition.

There is a consequence to every written law that gets produced that is independent of the intentions and desires of the individuals who crafted it.  There are, in fact, universal laws which apply to societies, economies, and environments.  However, in addition to accounting for the universal, natural laws of each given society, it must also be reckoned that there are particular natural laws for each social unit that are socially constructed and, therefore, apart of natural law as a sort of customizable appendix of customs.  I think that it is this wiggle room and diversity that we have within natural law that gives us, as a species, our greatest strength.  Rather than be limited by one way of looking at the universe, we can look at it in different ways and receive different correct answers that compose the whole of our universe.  There are right and wrong answers and hypotheses.  But it is through synthesizing all of the different perspectives that we can get the most accurate perception of our universe, just as insects have compound eyes to give them a more accurate interpretation of the physical world around them so they can manage to fly safely and avoid predators and problems.  Add in the other senses, known and unknown, and we flesh out and push the limits of our abilities to work with the universe for our own health and well-being and our own survival.  Remember, if you don’t have the appropriate functional nerves for something, you’re not going to perceive it (just as we can’t taste with our hands or smell with our feet).  By accurately synthesizing the perspectives of all people, accepting what is there while eliminating that which isn’t really there, you enhance our ability to perceive, work with, and live in this universe amongst ourselves and our cosmological cousins around us.

Therefore, the preamble to my universal constitution would be “In accordance with the discovered natural laws of the universe and with the utmost respect for the particular laws of each society, for the sake of all living beings in the universe, we hereby institute this government for the sake of improving, maintaining, and sustaining all of society and all living beings within it.”  We are, in fact, one society.  We’re just made up of many different societies and many different individuals within those individual societies.


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