Making an International Sense of Community

We will not have an global governmental system of any sorts until we first recognize the communal nature of all human societies and respect the sovereign right of all peoples to self-determine and make their decisions on a national, regional, and global level.  There can be no central leader, no cabal of powerful nations or people to rule over all.  Such a model is impractical and infeasible, and will likely be undermined in time by the many smaller nations, or else, fall prey to its own stupidity and purity of thought and reasoning.  The first practical step to creating a global civil society that has legitimacy on the bottom levels of human society would be to eliminate the veto power of the 5 Permanent UN Security Council Members.  The effect of this would be that all nations would have a say in whether to intervene in a given area, with defacto power and influence being turned over to the regional, national, or intra-national  levels, such that the locals can have ultimate control and say over what happens to them in their own territory.  We all have a stake on this planet to mediate disputes in such a way that they that it works for the people who are in conflict and to resolve common problems for all of humanity, such as resource consumption and environmental impact.  You cannot have a centralized, singular, and conscientiously homogenous body in charge of the diverse planet.  Rather, the world must be regarded as a community of peoples, not unlike neighborhoods within a city or clusters of people in an apartment building, with reasoned respect given for all person’s privacy with collective action being taken only in instances of severe violations of common human dignity and well-being.  Corporate private interests must be subsumed for the sake of the collective well-being and, in that check to personal ambition and prowess, the individual is better able to survive and be well on this planet.

So, my suggestion would be to eliminate the veto power of the Permanent UN Security Council Members and for the great nations of the world to scale back their meddling operations to recognize the sovereignty and dignity of each human being, at the absolute expense of corporate and financial interests, for the relative gains to having those supreme egos checked.  This is my conclusion based on my observations of history, human psychology, and sociology.  We cannot continue to afford to bully or act unitarily and capriciously against our own perceived threats, nor can we counter popular resistance in its home territory.  This is my general prescription for logic in International Relations, not firmly in any of the schools of thought.  This is a new synthesis based on the old schools and at least my own observations and interpretations of facts.  Test it, shape it, mold it.  In the end, it is always going to be power backed up by kindness and legitimacy that wins, rather than power backed up by pure force alone.  As it is on the personal level, so as it is on the collective.


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