A Hypothesis About the Nature and Framework of Law in the Universe

There doesn’t appear to be a hierarchy of laws, in the traditional linear sense.  Rather, there appears to be an interconnected web of laws and rules that apply to the universe, the society, and to the individual.  The purpose of this piece is to logically get a theoretical image of what is present in our universe with regards to law and the limitations and possibilities of human beings within the context of this universe.

The universal laws apply to all societies and to all individuals.  They can include, and are not limited to, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, societies, and economies.  They influence behavior and performance on the micro scale and on the macro and vice versa.  These are incredibly complex laws, with many caveats, nuances, and possibly different levels of application.  However, they are what are most relevant to human beings as they seem to be the hard limitations of what we can and can’t do, and how we approach things in this universe at the very least.

The next level of law are the social laws.  These are the aggregate and collective logics of individual human or otherwise societies.  They help define the group; in terms of internal identity and external identity relative to other groups.  These social laws are what we’re raised with and influence and are influenced by the content of the individuals in the society.  These have mixed effects on the individual(s) in society, depending upon the content of the individuals in the society and their willingness/ability to acknowledge and accept these social laws.  Thus, unlike universal laws, which do not appear to be changeable by present human technology or awareness, social laws are malleable to the needs of the society, because they are only present if individuals agree to follow them.  However, as experience has shown with the major innovations in human social law, these laws are limited by what came before them, with humans frequently reverting back to the same logics and principles when the change occurs with force or all of a sudden.

This brings us to the individual, who both internalizes and absorbs the socially aggregated and universal laws and finds themselves subject to sometimes breaking or attempting to break the other two sets of laws with mixed effects depending upon the popularity and legitimacy of the social law(s) or whether or not the laws are indeed universal in nature.  It is through mutations on this individual level that can spread within the social law and eventually, if at all, spread to the rest of society and influence the very behavior, logic, and perception of the individuals’ fellow human beings.  However, the individual is always limited by their biology, circumstance, and the consequences of their actions.  These appear to be universal laws that are always applicable in the universe, as far as we can tell with present technology and comprehension of the universe.  A human can only imagine what he/she is somehow familiar with and not all humans have the same capacity for imagination or comprehension as others.

Thus, we are bound in a networked nest of sometimes conflicting, sometimes harmonious laws in which the universal laws triumph over the social and individual laws and the social and individual laws have a mixed relationship where one influences the other and vice versa.  It should be noted that this is only a thought experiment and the derivative of the Socratic method of philosophy.  Hopefully we’ll someday be able to test these frameworks out to see how law actually works in the natural sense, the social sense, and on the individual level.  To know this is to, again, understand our limitations and potential to move beyond or around those limitations.

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