Concerning the Baltimore Riots of 2015

I would like to start by acknowledging that I know that prospective employers, specifically Baltimore Corps, may be reading this and other posts.  While it would be easier to pat the leadership of the city on the back and tell them that it’s not their fault, the simple fact of the matter is, that it is not true.  Quite frankly, they have failed to resolve the underlying issues that are erupting and have been bubbling under the surface for quite some time in the general American society, let alone, within their own little corner of America.  Police departments cannot be allowed to exacerbate tensions amongst the very real communities of Americans, nor should police officers be left unpunished and at liberty while they run rampant in our streets.  We cannot keep officers who see everyone, especially those of color, as a criminal and every action as a threat.  It is a fault of the city governments of this country that has led us to this place and a lack of truly effective action on the part of the state and federal governments to call the local governments, no matter how remote and backwards they may be, to account for their actions.  A government is not a throne upon which the idle and stupid can afford to sit, nor can it ever really be used as a tool to serve the already powerful few at the expense of everyone and everything else.

I would caution to those who would exacerbate the violence on the side of the protestors that more violence on their part will only lead to more violence in return.  The same goes to the police and those pathetic individuals who think that power is a badge and a gun that allows one to beat on people without consequence, or those who think that the public is best served when the already powerful few are served above all others.  I don’t condone violence.  But I will point out that it’s a natural consequence for governing people who fail to adequately do their jobs on a day to day basis.  We need police officers who live and serve in the regular neighborhoods of the communities in which they work, not those who are imported from other places and treated as mere units in a large organizational machine.  We need to stop putting some bankers’ and executives’ profits and sham economic “growth” ahead of our citizens’ well-being, quality of life, and environmental sustainability.  Above all we need to acknowledge the actual limits of government force and manipulation,0 and the real role that governments can play in preserving, maintaining, and advancing our entire human society.  We cannot keep dishing out favors to the already powerful, and I will not stand in the way of those who would rip out those who are toxic in government to our larger society.  When peaceful methods are rigged in favor of a few, the public will more likely resort to violent methods to get their way.  That is why you don’t rig the peaceful methods in the first place and prevent them from working out, sometimes, against your own personal absolute favor.  If you can’t do your job or take the criticism that is needed to do your job, get out of government, and stop playing with social and environmental forces beyond your comprehension.  I would rather stand and have my honest say than be a quiet sycophant.  That is what makes me valuable in government to anyone who wants to govern.  If you can’t get on this level, you’re truly out of your league, and I don’t care how “savvy” you may think yourself in the cat games of political “power”.

Enjoy your night.

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