This blog is an ongoing story on life, the universe and everything that’s in and of it.  It represents (as of 10/29/2013), 3 and a half years of study, observation and analysis concerning current events, history, human civilizations and the worlds that both produce and are produced by we, the human species.

This blog regards political science as a true science that has not been treated as such by its academic researchers, or by its practitioners in governments around the world.  It uses history and current events as its data sets, breaking down complicated political, social, economic and environmental problems into the simple functions and dynamics that enable the emergence of such complicated, dynamic and shifting patterns throughout history, across cultures and specific to cultures.

This is a blog that holds that there is one reality to this universe that we are disconnected from, by virtue of the nature of our brains and how they receive, process, analyze and synthesize the information we receive about the world that is outside of us and that we are also, inherently apart of.  The duty of the political scientist, and the governor(s) of our societies is to understand the actual facts of a situation, on both subtle and apparent levels.  Their job is to make the big picture decisions for our social, economic and environmental worlds; to solve social problems and answer to the physical and psychological needs of the citizens that they are responsible for and are by default, powerfully beholden to.

The author of this blog asserts that it is in the interests of the small, individual “self” politicians to abide by these natural laws of society and nature, or else destroy all that they depend on and all that enables them to survive, be well and remain in a place of power, influence and consequence.  The author of this blog asserts that it is also in the interests of businesses and investors, financiers and corporations, to remain beholden to the natural laws of society, the economy and the environment, lest they destroy that which they depend on for their physical and fiscal lives and well being.

The universe has a liberal bias from the perspective of actually providing for human physical and psychological well being is concerned.  The natural laws are on the progressives’ side and the conservatives and political extremists of any color are the ones who are out of touch with how the common reality works and are inherently ignorant about how to treat, care, maintain and recover a healthy and happy human society in which they (the political leaders) also live and are bound to.

Furthermore, the author of this blog asserts that anyone else who doesn’t, can’t or won’t perceive these functional facts and truths of the world around them is most likely suffering from some sort of undiagnosed mental illness, and should be treated as such by the rest of society.  This author asserts that the folks who cannot, will not and do not perceive reality outside of their brain’s hallucination, to self-remove themselves from running for political office and holding public office, such that a better world can be realized in this permanently dystopian universe for the sake of humanity and all living creatures who are of and in this universe with us.

This blog is dedicated to the well being and happiness of all others, even if the language may come out as being harsh at times against those who would attempt to transgress our natural and social laws for whatever reason or justification that they may have.

Thank you very much.

And I hope you read on.

Thank you!

Ultimate Protection for All Who Read and Perceive Correctly

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