Fun fact, did you know that even the Red State of Texas uses the government to incentivize businesses to settle in Texas?

I agree that government ought not be run as the intrusive, bureaucratic mess that the Democrats seem to keep it at.  But I’m not so much a fool and an idiot as to think that government does not play a significant role in keeping society and the economy together, if not for the simple fact that it keeps law and order in a society, such that businesses people are able to do business without the risk of losing everything as a result of lawlessness and anarchy.

Sadly, these are not things that I think can be done at the Federal level.  These must be done on the individual region, state, county and local levels, due to the nature of the American economy.  This would make everything more complicated and difficult to execute, owing to the fact that you have all these working (and, often, conflicting) parts working together, in order to achieve the best possible effects for the country as a whole.  The Fed may be able to coordinate everybody and provide the ground rules and arbitration for the disputes.  But, this is unrealistic, without the resolute cooperation of all players.  This is before you factor in the confusion and ignorance present in the American public, who makes the decisions about who gets to lead in society and has the ultimate say about what does get done by the governments.

So, America is going to go through a period of collapse and stagnation while the elite parts are not working on this level of being and while the general public remains hindered by the tactics of the elite who are simply in it to make the most amount of money as possible at the expense of the society that they’re technically, in their own interests, supposed to be looking after and tending to as a good spouse does to the other spouse.  Unless there is a more unified logic of benevolence, care and a tendency towards the actual, factual truth of matters, rather than personal biases, the American system will continue to decline at worst and stagnate at best for the foreseeable future, thanks primarily to the incompetence, boobery, lack of care and small “self” serving of the political and private elites who influence and effect the courses of society’s directions at the least and dictate them at the most.

All thanks to brains that are presently unfit for office.

And nothing more.

Think about it.


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